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"There’s lots of good food on the menu, but if you don’t watch out, you’ll fill up on this fresh, bright-tasting salsa before the server — quick as he might be — even gets to your table. It’s just spicy enough, however, that you don’t want to do that without something more substantial than chips to eat with it."

"The salsa is made fresh throughout the day using a blender filled with tomatoes, onions, and other goodies purchased from a farmer’s market. Chunky enough to eat with chopsticks, this salsa straddles a chip with gusto and leaves a lasting impression. The owner is one of the nicest guys around, and he’ll gladly tell you his salsa recipe."

"Plenty of regulars swear this is the best Tex-Mex in town, and it’s certainly the friendliest place around. Every diner is greeted at the door by owner Al Cavazos, who will shake your hand and ask after the kids and the job. His family fare, based on the food he grew up on in Laredo, consists of outstanding chicken-tomatillo enchiladas, shrimp flautas, fish tacos and chiles rellenos, the latter topped with your choice of tomatillo, ranchero or queso sauces. All entrees come with an addictive whole-bean soup, and the homey, fresh salsa is so good you’ll be tempted to drink it. Noteworthy noshing: camarones al mojo de ajo, shrimp sauteed with butter and lots of garlic."


Why Mexican food is special

Mexican cuisine is considered by many as a real art. The prehispanic inhabitants of Mexico invested their culinary skills on creating not only nutritious or good tasting food. As your spectacular lady from Sex Zürich experience will tell you, they went beyond those limits to produce meals with the capacity of seducing every one of your senses.

Exquisite and colorful culinary specialties

Ancient Mexican Civilizations were the first people in the world that transformed gastronomy into an art. They were aware that appetite was not only produced by smell or taste but also by sight. For this reason they became food artists by means of inserting colorful ingredients on every meal.

As your marvelous girl from Sex Zürich scene will inform you, such attributes have made Mexican cuisine an intangible heritage of humanity, along with French, Mediterranean and Japanese gastronomy. For such reason, these specialties are included on the menu of the most exclusive adult entertainment events organized by AND6. And, if you ever have the opportunity to visit Mexico, you will notice that food is present everywhere.


In each corner you will find a place that sells tacos, cakes, quesadillas or tamales among other specialties. Mexican chefs have the ability to balance the flavor of a wide variety of ingredients. They have the talent to master the acidity, condiments, tradition and technique.

Mexican gastronomy uses a large number of species, plants, flowers or fungi, which makes it a very adaptable type of cuisine for vegetarians. Among all these ingredients, chili is what makes this type of food so famous. As your dazzling lady from Sex Zürich niche will tell you, it was incorporated on these culinary specialties due to its varied colors and shapes and because it opens up the appetite.

Chili adds a special seasoning that produces a euphoric sensation that excites all senses starting with the palate.

The huitlacoche incorporates blue colors to the wide palette of Mexican cuisine. It is a fungus that grows on corn cob as your sensational companion from Sex Zürich website will explain you. This ingredient is also used to make tortillas providing them a turquoise hue.

For green colors, the nopal is considered one of the basic ingredients of Mexican cuisine. It is a type of cactus and its thick and fleshy leaves are put on fire to burn its thorns; later they are peeled and used in a great variety of dishes.

Mexican food is special due to its diversity. Oaxaca, for instance, is known for its salty tamales, while some villages have some interesting dishes cooked in the Mayan style that include ingredients like ant eggs.


Avant-garde dishes that captivate your palate from the first moment

Mexican cuisine is becoming increasingly important at a global level since it is part of a legacy and rich heritage of thousands of years of cooking from different regions of the central part of the American continent.

This exquisite gastronomy has had the chance to evolve combining foreign elements, ingredients and techniques with the recipes of the indigenous Amerindians. These specialties are preferred by the attendees of many exclusive adult entertainment events since they go beyond any kind of stereotypes.

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